angel wings

I created these angel wings for a client’s Halloween costume. By the numbers, it took 450 large white feathers, 300 small white feathers and more than 30 glue sticks. And just a few hot glue burns. My client loved them so I say it was worth it.

angels wings foam base
first step was to carve the wings from two layers of 1-inch thick foam
angel wings in white - work in progress
the foam wings were then covered in white paper and white duct tape around the edges.
angel wings partially feathered
I used hot glue to adhere the feathers starting from the tips and the edges.
angel wings WIP - edges
Eventually I covered both sides of the wings and the edges looked much more natural.
completed angel wings
it took approximately 450 large white feathers and 300 small feathers (around the edges) to cover both sides of the wings.
completed angel wings
the completed wings were shipped to my client before mounting them to a foam plate with elastic, back-pack style shoulder straps. The plate had foam wedges to angle the wings out from the body.

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