Cubic built-in cabinets - designs
Started designing using pieces of paper measured and cut to scale. Didn’t want a single line to bisect the entire piece.
Cube built-in cabinets - designs
Sketched the final design. The measurements don’t take into account the width of the 3/4 inch MDF nor the slightly sloping ceiling. Now the fun math began.
Cubic built-in cabinets - designs
The final measurements. The paper on the left was used to get the greatest number of boards out of each piece of lumber.
Cubic built-in cabinets
The shelves are all cut and ready to be assembled.
Cubic built-in cabinets - assembly
The assembly begins…
Cubic built-in cabinets - WIP
The structure is complete!
Cubic built-in cabinets - WIP
Painted white. Now ready for doors.
Cubic built-in cabinets - WIP
Simple slab plywood doors allow for a clean façade. Instead of pulls, we cut the corners – reminiscent of dog-eared pages.
Cubic built-in cabinets - detail
Inset doors with soft-closing hinges.
Cubic built-in cabinets - final
The finished product. The built-in has tons of storage (including sewing machine, paints, fabric, electronics, etc.) with a few cubbies left for display. By keeping a few open, it helped the piece from being too massive.

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