“Proposal Sheet” was aptly named since it was created to accompany the groom’s (aka: my) proposal. It was simply a king sized bed-sheet that was filled with inside jokes and sayings accumulated over a 10 year relationship
I went through 28 Sharpies in 6 colors. These colors served as the inspiration for the colors or the wedding.
To keep costs low, family and friends were recruited to save glass containers. We then “stained” them to be used as votive holders.
Personalized magnets featuring each of the guests. We Photoshopped out the background and replaced them with the wedding colors.
Detail of one of the magnets.
The magnets were small guest favors and were also used to hold circular table assignment cards. A framed piece of sheet-metal and a custom-made easel completed the project.
Wire table numbers 2
Table numbers were shaped from galvanized wire. They were fun but subtle and didn’t block the line of sight of guests.
Wire table numbers 3
Another table number. These were poked through small corks that were stuck in the top of bottles containing colored water.
The proposal sheet was used as a photo-backdrop for the wedding reception.
The finished tablescapes were cheap, colorful and totally DIY. They looked great on the white linens. Additional magnets with a picture of the groom were additional decorations/favors.
The complete scene!

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