Jambi box WIP- foam board
1/2 inch foamboard was glued together to make a light, yet sturdy, box.
Jambi box WIP- foam board w/ taped edges
The foam board edges were taped with masking tape to smooth and reinforce
Jambi box WIP
gems are glued!

Jambi Box

Jambi box
The finished product.

11 thoughts on “Jambi

  1. Hi Jay, thanks for the note. I don’t have any plans but if you think it would help, I can take some measurements and send them your way. Just let me know. I totally support you making your own but I’m interested in selling mine too… just in case. 🙂


  2. Hello! I am currently building one of these boxes and was wondering if you had some measurements I could use? I tried using a foam cooler as a base, but it’s too narrow for my head, so I was going to try the foam board route. Also how did you hinge the doors? I’m sure this has already sold and am bummed I did not see this post sooner or I would have also asked to buy it. It looks amazing!

    I appreciate any advice you are able to give
    Thank you!
    Thank you for a


    • Hi Natalie, thanks for your note. Unfortunately, I did sell it but I do know the exterior dimensions:
      height: 22.5″, width: 16.5″, depth: 15.5″.
      The doors are hinged with wide masking tape (one layer on the inside and one on the outside). I hope that helps! Good luck,


      • Thanks for all of your help! My Jambi box turned out pretty well. We also added some lights, for that Jambi glow 🔮 Happy Halloween!


  3. Hey Kevin, I’ve wanted to make this costume for quite a while, and this year is the year! One question: how did you keep it from falling over (I.e. how did you keep your head centered in the box)? Any advice is much appreciated


    • Hi Nicholas, The box rested on my shoulders and my head was positioned near the back of the box. The inside back of the box rested against the back of my head. Between those three points of contact (two shoulders and back of head) it was pretty stable. I hope that helps!


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