The Maitlands

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies and the scene in which they transform their faces is perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume.

I had 2″ white rigid wall insulation on hand and glued about 12 pieces to create the original form. I then used a drywall saw and then extendable blade knife to create the general shape. I then used a Dremel for more detailed shaping.
Carving the teeth. So… carving white foam is not ideal. But I already had it on hand so I used it. Looking back, I would have used less granular ridid foam to avoid some of the mess.
At this point, I’ve started to smooth the surface. I then sealed it so I could paint.
Roughing out Adam’s head
WIP shot with two of my tools. Adam’s nose was too bulky at first so I narrow it considerably as I make more progress.
Ears were carved separately and attached with foam adhesive. The seams were then smoothed.
After lots of plaster and sanding I sealed both heads with diluted glue. After that, I begin to paint.
I’ve got, Geena Davis eyes.
Nothing is attached yet but most of the painting is done. Many layers of clear coat help to create the wet look.
Adam Maitland eyes. I used ping pong balls for the base and hot glue to create optic nerves.
Mid-paint. And one of the few shots of the lips and teeth.


Fast forward to the finished product! Adam’s eyes and Barbara’s throat were covered with black semi-transparent fabric.  I laid the hair track by track on brown felt and used concealed velcro tabs for eazy-ish access.
Adam and Barbara walking in a parade with the rest of the crew.
As seen on ABC7
group pic from chicagopride
Another group shot.
Delia, dead football player, sandworm, shrimp cocktail, Beetlejuice, Adam, Juno, Barbara, ghosts in designer sheets, receptionist, Lydia and Otho. As a crew, we won best group in the Halsted Halloween Parade in Chicago.

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